Some UFO hunters are convinced that NASA is hiding the fact that they know about the remains of an ancient civilization on mars, according to what and are writing. They talk about a building described by the rover Curiosity as a dome built by humans. There is a theory that the dome was abandoned by an extraterrestrial race in the past, when there was water on Mars. The UFO hunters claim that the light or the glow from the center of the dome is proof that it could be made of metal and it would reflect sunlight.

Ancient civilization on Mars?

The website Unsilent Majority writes that the existence of a dome on the red planet proves that somebody has built it and they wonder if it is possible to seek other buildings which the ancient inhabitants of Mars left behind. They say the evidence is showing that the planet mars was actually inhabited by intelligent beings in the distant past, and that these beings have developed a civilization similar to the one developed by humans on Earth. They say that, while this dome could be just some kind of natural settlement made of rock (which would be very weird), they cannot deny the possibility that these could be the remains of extraterrestrial civilization structures on Mars.

Secret space program developed by NASA?

The website also writes that there also may be another explanation for the presence of the dome. The UFO hunters claim that a secret space program has been developed by NASA and that they are operating in space under this secret program. It seems this was the first dome discovered on Mars, but other ones have been discovered on the Moon's surface.

The latest similar observation seems to be one of the Great Pyramids of Egypt's replica from the planet Mars.

Was this pyramid built by the ancient civilization from Mars?

Mentioning the "almost perfect shape and design," the UFO hunters argued that this pyramid is proof of an ancient Martian civilization. However, this pyramid seems to have the size of a car.

But conspiracy theorists say this could be just the top of a much larger structure buried there.

NASA has not confirmed the stories

However, NASA did not confirm this story. But this has not stopped the conspiracy theorists from claiming that they have found evidence of a secret space program.