It is a strange situation where America wants to ban entry of migrants into the US for fear of allowing terrorists to carry out their nefarious designs while Canada is gladly accepting people from the US who are on the lookout for safety in a new homeland. The Canadian authorities feel that this is the outcome of the proposed immigration ban of the Trump administration.

Migrants who are crossing over

Many of those who are changing sides do so without legal sanction, they make a dash for asylum ignoring the severe weather conditions and take care to avoid the checkpoints on the borders.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police have noticed that some of those who indulge in this crossing over appear to be well off as seen from their dress.

Those who plan to make Canada their new address hail from across the globe and include a fair share of families with children and infants. Their number is on the rise and they all want to land up in Quebec. As indicated by the Canada Border Services Agency, the figure was more than 1,400 since November and that exceeds the total of the whole of 2015.

Obviously, they feel Canada is a better place to live in when compared to America.

Reason for selecting Canada

One reason for this rush of migrants to Canada could be the difference in perception of the two leaders.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's message is a positive one of welcoming them while that of U.S. president Donald Trump is just the opposite – he wants to put his foot down on such immigration.

Those who live in America and do not have a valid status are in constant fear of arrest and deportation to the country from where they arrived.

To them, one way out is to enter Canada and apply for refugee status. Crossing over is simple – they just walk into Canada where they are first arrested and then interviewed to check that they have a clean record.

This influx of people from the US has forced the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to augment their manpower at the borders. They have done it gladly because they consider it as a humanitarian issue and do not hesitate to extend a helping hand.