On December 21, this famous YouTuber got asked to get off of the Delta flight out of London. The YouTuber claims to fly 20 times per month. His past videos show him pulling off stunts to "freak out" the other passengers of each flight. According to Vox news, it is what his channel is all about.

He puts on questionable clothing to board the plane. These clothes are usually what ISIS wears in their videos. Then at some point during the flight, Saleh, and a friend will do crazy things to get reactions from the other passengers. Then, when they react in fear, he posts the video on YouTube, claiming they are racist.

According to Vox, this is race-baiting. America is asking: "is Saleh the little boy who cried wolf?" What would make the Delta passengers think about terrorism?

Saleh's past videos

According to Vox and YouTube, Saleh has posted many videos claiming the west is racist. Experts say that Islam is not a race, but a religion. So the correct word would not be racism. Some of the pranks he pulls in his videos would have any westerner worried. Yet, the provoked reaction of caution was coined as racism.

After watching some of his other videos, Many westerners are wondering if his tale is true. Witnesses claim that, just like in his other videos, he was screaming in Arabic and pumping his fist in the air.

As Saleh was getting off the plane, he tweeted a tweet that went viral. News media had a field day with what is now known as "Fake News."

Is this another prank that has gone wrong?

After the whole world has become more acquainted with Saleh's channel, many question his claim of wrongful arrest.

Some even say that he got the reaction he was seeking. According to Vox, this is the case. I as a writer travel the world. My wife is from India, and we travel there to visit her parents.

In my experience of traveling abroad, I have never seen anyone booted from a plane for speaking Arabic. As a matter of fact, many of the people we fly with speak Arabic. On whether Saleh's story is the truth, we may never know. However, his past videos put questions in the minds of many.