Syria - Most of the world can not imagine sending their 7-year-old daughter to commit suicide. In fact, anyone would talk our children out of such a sad task. That is not the case for two moderate rebel parents in the world of terrorism. Two proud Islamic parents prepared their daughter to strap a bomb on and blow up a Syrian police station.

As sad as this sounds, it is not a unique situation in Syria. The disturbing footage on the video shows a Muslim woman kissing her daughters goodbye. The little girls appear to be seeking love from their mother.

But all they receive is instructions to blow up the police station.

The bombing

As the little girls entered the police station, they appeared lost. No adult can just turn a blind eye to lost children. As the adult officers crowded around the adorable little girls, the bombs were detonated. According to Metro news, the bombs strapped to the girl's chest were detonated remotely.

After the blast, carnage filled the place where the police station once stood. The man in the video, reported to be the dad, could be heard instructing them on how to pull off the atrocity. In the background, all that can be seen is a black and white Islamic flag. The same flag that al-Queda uses.

This is nothing new in Syria

As reports come in year round, we find that 50% of all suicide bombings are pulled off by innocent children. The reason; no one usually suspects innocent kids. In the human mind, there is nothing more innocent than a child, so this is why they use the children, experts say. The children easily buy into the idea.

According to Islamic experts, a martyr is praised in heaven. When the family member commits a suicide bombing, their family is sure to go to heaven, according to Islam. According to the Jihadi Watch website, Islamic scholars do not even call it suicide. They call it dying for the cause of Allah. And not only that, according to experts, they are given 72 virgins. If this ideology is true, then we can expect more of these attacks in the future.