Syria - According to Fox News, ISIS released a new video showing little children executing Kurdish fighters in a revolting video released Friday. Just like in most ISIS videos, the Kurds are bound and lined up with their murderers behind them. While we are teaching our kids math and English, ISIS is teaching their kids to murder. The chilling nine-minute video was recorded in Raqqa, Syria and is not suitable for young viewers, much less, kids being involved in the murders. The number of children involved is terrorism is growing at an alarming rate.

The children

One of the children, being Identified as Abu Al-Baraa Al-Tunisi was quoted in the video as saying " What lies between me and you are days that make young men turn old," as he and the other kids point their guns to the sky. The young child finished by saying "prepare your coffins and get ready to share the fate of these men." Then just like any other ISIS video, they point their guns to the backs of the Kurd's heads and pull the triggers.

Child suicide bombers

As ifthat is not bad enough, Multiple suicidebombers have been attacking all over the world. Turkey, France, and Germany are feeling the impact.The bad part - the bombers are no older than 10 years of age. According to CNN, Iraq police stopped a young boy from detonatinghis belt by holding his arms on both sides, as the boy trembled with fear.

Authorities say that if the boy would have slipped loose, he would have triggered his bomb and the three men holding him would have been killed.

This is a growing problem all over the world.

There are more children in ISIS them we think

According to the Independent, There are far more children in the ranks of ISIS than the world thinks. The exact number of "Cubs" is unclear at this time, but they are estimated to be in the thousands. The children named by ISIS as the cubs of the caliphate are various children from Iraq andSyria, as well as the children of the countless millions of Christians and Kurds that Isis has slaughtered. According to experts, the number will keep growing in the coming months both in number and in attacks.