Sarah Wagenknecht, the left party parliamentary leader, was at a party meeting at Madenburg when a man walked up to her with cake and slapped it squarely on her face. Taken by surprise, Ms. Wagenknecht reached and tried to wipe the creamy brown gooey stuff off her eyes. The perpetrator walked away holding his hands high above his head and was seen being led away by presumably security personnel even as other persons were seen walking about throwing pamphlets.

Dressed smartly for the party meeting, she looked a mess as other party members began to help her and shielded her from the cameras, leading her away from the conference hall.

The antifascist group "Torte für Menschenfeinde" or "Cake for Misanthropists" has taken responsibility for the attack on the opposition leader. The pamphlets found at the venue vented the ire of the antifascists over Wagenknecht’s stance on immigrants after the multiple attacks on women during New Year’s eve in Cologne.

Wagenknecht has been very vocal on her anti-refugee stand, and the antifascists claim she has turned public anger directed at the Cologne incident into a countrywide political fray.

Wagenknecht’s statement on the refugee crisis, "not all refugees can come to Germany", emphasizes the fact that though there may be the desire and ability to accept as many refugees that come, it is more the extent of Germany's capacity absorb those many people into the fabric of the nation.

Her stance has created some dissonance in her party, which at this time is adverse for the Left party.

Though it is the largest opposition group in the German Parliament, the support of the Left Party has seen better days, while the Nationalist Alternative for Germany party is slowly becoming favorites with voters for the opposition.

The refugee problem in Germany and other neighboring countries is a matter of concern gauged from various parameters; housing, jobs, education and above all, security.

It is now a known fact that Daesh, or ISIS as it is more commonly known, has been infiltrating the refugees to enter various countries and form sleeper cells for future attacks. While allowing refugees is a humane action that is lauded by the world in general, the countries where these refugees make their home have an urgent need to tighten security.

There’s just one moot point here; where was security when a man walked with the cake right up to the opposition leader?