There are many social media platforms to use in today's age, between Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. There is a social media craze in today's age with people being glued to their phones, using them daily. We have now opted to use our cell phones and play games instead of going outside or reading a book. Meeting in person has been replaced with messaging on applications or by text.

Although social media can be draining and distracting, it can be used beneficially for a person's brand with marketing content. Lessons can be learned through social media and the internet in general.

We have more power at our fingertips than generations before us and it can be used for good.

Between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which is the best to use? What do more people use? The answers to these questions depend on many factors and what a person can be looking to do.


An article on JumperMedia, written by Kaley Hart, gives a rundown of the number of users per application with demographics and features. It also states which is the best for social media marketing.

Twitter is an application where users can "tweet" out to their respected followers and friends. It is good for staying on top of things and getting news, even though there seem to be just comical tweets and shenanigans on it.

It helps one see what is trending and keep track of celebrity news and/or updates. It can also be good to let a person know about the statuses of some professional sports games and players that tweet out congratulatory messages or progress on their injuries. According to the article, Twitter was founded in March of 2006 and contains 317 million Monthly Active Users.

The article states that "An income of $USD 50,000 means there is potential on Twitter to make money selling your products/services." There is an amount of money to be made off the application, as I for example and other writers can share our articles via Twitter to get our content out and make more money. It can also help reach customers for your business or service.

The article also states that "If your target market is in Japan, Brazil, or Mexico, Twitter is a great way to reach them."


Facebook allows users to connect with people from all around the world including family and friends. It also allows for networking with others and joining groups. It even has live video calling to speak to people virtually. A writer can benefit from this application greatly by sharing content in groups or on their own page. Facebook was founded in 2004 and has 1.79 billion monthly active users and is available in 101 languages as stated in the JumperMedia article.

With the huge amount of users on Facebook, it can be a great place to share a person's content for their business, market their products, and network with others.

Its features allow a user to monitor the status of their business page and money can be spent to boost posts and reach even more users.


This is another great social media platform to share photos to followers and users across the application. It has impressive features like Instagram Stories. Instagram is similar to Snapchat, in many ways, and offers messaging system between users across the platform. There is also a feature that lets a person share live video. Videos and pictures can be sent to users on Instagram and images can be edited with hilarious gifs, filters, stickers, and text.

It states in the article that the social media giant, Facebook, "acquired Instagram for $1 billion in 2012 and was founded in October of 2010." Not only this, but the platform has a whopping "700 million monthly active users." There is a lot of money that can be made on Instagram and users can follow their favorite celebrities or athletes.

In fact, according to the article, "the distribution of all incomes is relatively evenly with 31 percent of users earning over $USD 70,000." Remember that a blue stripe next to the name of the celebrity or athlete indicates that it is the actual person's account, not a fan made one.

The top dog

While all three of these platforms are excellent, Instagram is supreme at engaging users. Hashtags go a long way and the platform is big on sharing content for your business or service. The two that I would widely recommend would be Instagram and Facebook, with Twitter being the least used.

Instagram has a lot of users and it works well for blog posts and getting content out. A user can use Instagram Stories to highlight their day or share content, share a live video at an event, post their blog or business in their bio, and message others. Both Twitter and Instagram are popular among young people in their 20's, but I believe Instagram is the better half.