Global Real estate industry has been evolving, technologically, very slowly compared with other industries. 2016 brought a lot of new technological ideas to this market, but few of them represented a real game changer.

The industry evolved in terms of marketing bands together with the internet. Nowadays most of the real estate business begins on a listing website. Almost every new technology created aimed to showcase properties in a more appealing way. From 360 degrees photos and videos to 3D animations, realtors have several ways of displaying the properties they represent.

New real estate trends for 2018

With the development of technologies like Artificial Intelligence we begin to see the rise of new futuristic real estate business models.

Aimed to maximize the customer experience, delivering accuracy and transparency to a market that got lost in the exponential growth of professionals worldwide.

Property companies like Compass are doing great efforts to develop new ways to increase customer satisfaction, creating clear and accurate apps and software in order to change how agents and clients navigate the process of finding or selling a home.

Automabots launched a real estate chatbot that uses Artificial Intelligence to interact with customers and start a basic qualification of the costumer's needs.

This trend is already used by several brokerage companies through their corporate website or app. Nevertheless, this industry is a very atypical one because client needs can be very complex. When it´s time to choose a house the investment is very significant so people tend to think twice before deciding.

For that, there is no artificial intelligence yet that can feel the clients needs, but for sure it can pre-qualify potential costumers.

This trillion dollar industry can give back to society

Socializing the property business is what the Reevo platform is doing. This company aimed to ensure the best customer experience, developed a platform that allows everyone and every company to generate leads and win a percentage of the business commission. By developing the Reevo point and providing tools to generate and monitor leads worldwide, the business model grew globally.

The network of lead generators, the so-called Reevo agents increases every day. To ensure the quality of the service provided to all customers the company partnered with some of the strongest players on the international market, carefully selected for their track record and know-how.


The blockchain introduces new ways to trade estates and can enable online marketplaces to support real estate transactions more comprehensively.

Atalant is developing a blockchain platform that although is still on white paper status, gives a clear view of what possibly will be the real estate market over the next five years.

Better customer experience

These companies share one goal in common. To increase the quality and transparency of this complex industry granting the best user experience possible.

With the help of the advanced technology and ingenious minds the industry will shake over the next three years for one unquestionable reason, the user or client is always who defines the continuity of business models and society screams for a change.