Between January and October 2015, 1.4 billion EUR was invested in the Portuguese real estate market,with 90% of this investment of foreign origin (according to a study by Cushman & Wakefield). Americans invested about $600 million in these last 10 months.

Large International companies see Lisbon as a fantastic opportunity to monetize investments in the renovation of buildings in prime areas. These investments offer owners profitability through short-term rentals or long-term lease. The capital already has a diverse range of projects built or under construction, and although this real estate product continues to have a high demand, new markets continue to emerge.

The Asian market has slowed its investments in Portugal,and the US market is looking to Portugal as a gateway to Europe, with its geographical and cultural characteristics. Instability in the Arab world, and the latest political developments in the United StatesmakePortugal an attractive destinationonall levels.

Jorge Prospero dos Santos (a young but experienced international real estate manager) had presented Portugal and its fantastic features to US investment for more than 10 years."We started the process of internationalization of investment options in Portugal ten years ago, with the presence of IN'S Group in the NAR Real Estate Exhibit in New Orleans. At that time, it also captured American investors for Brazil, where the IN'S has offices.

Portugal has become increasingly fashionable, and has ideal conditions for the right investor.With this in mind, the Eurosuez Group has developed a wide range of different investment options of high quality and guaranteed profitability, and Jorge Prospero dos Santos signed an agreement with the property group in order to attract US investment.

Portugal is a country with unique geographical and climatic conditions, a very rich culture, identity, and hospitable people.Adapting to new markets is essential to the sustained growth of the Portuguese property market. According to the study of the Portuguese CIR, the market growth trend in 2016 will remain positive. This growth can be greatly leveraged by North Americans during the first half of 2016, with the help of international real estate managers like Próspero dos Santos.