Android is the most popular mobile operating platform with a huge market share across the world. The smartphones loaded with Android can be extended with the help of apps available from Google Play Store. The store is flooded with plenty of useful apps in the form of games, learning, tools, utilities and much more. In this article, we will explore few top Android Apps which will help you to enhance the productivity.

Google Maps

Google Maps helps you to get real-time traffic updates including the conditions of the road. The app will give you exact real-time information about the bus, trains or other modes of transport with line guided display.

With the help of the app, users will be able to save valuable time via automated re-routing. It is possible to locate business addresses with reviews and images.

Anyline Document Scanner

Anyline has released a scanner using which you can scan documents and export them as PDF files. The attraction of the Anyline Document Scanner is that the app works not only without Internet connectivity but also in extreme low-light conditions. Moreover, the documents will not feature any kind of ads or watermarks. The edge detection feature helps you to scan documents of all sizes and shapes without worrying about alignment.

Habit Tracker

Loop habit tracker app enables you to maintain good habits after creating them.

It will help in your quest to achieve long-term goals with the help of detailed graphs and statistics. The highlight of the app is that it will display the progress of habit improvement. Moreover, the app is completely free without any ads. The Loop app features a simple interface and will display a habit score. With the help of the Loop, reminders can be created for each habit with the capability to check, snooze or dismiss them from your Android Wear smartwatch.

360 Security

It is important to protect your Android smartphone properly by making effective use of antivirus software apps such as 360 Security. The app includes modules for boosting the speed, smart cleaner, battery saver, anti-theft including a virus remover. The Junk file cleaner tool is used to delete all the unwanted files, which will effectively free up storage space.

The CPU cooler functionality prevents the device from getting overheated.

Office Calculator Free

The default Calculator app included with Android platform is sufficient for simple tasks. However, complex calculations can be performed using apps such as Office Calculator Free. The app includes a virtual tape using which you can swap between calculator and tape views. In addition to normal functions, the app features separate buttons for calculating taxes. With annotation features, users can feed comments to a tape line. In the free version, the apps will have advertisements, which is a big drawback.

The above apps can be downloaded by navigating to Google Play Store from your smartphone or tablet.

The office-based productivity apps such as Mega cloud storage helps you to save plenty of time. Moreover, game apps will help you to relax after a strenuous work schedule. To locate more apps, dig deeper into the Play Store app.