Rumors about the alleged specifications of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ recently surfaced. The information came from Benjamin Geskin, who also revealed the specifications of Apple’s upcoming smartphone, the iPhone X. According to Geskin, most of the main features of samsung galaxy S9 and S9+ will be the same in terms of the processor, RAM capacity, and internal storage. In addition, the 2018 flagship smartphones will have an improved dual camera compared to the Galaxy Note8.

Key specifications

Geskin, who also released tons of information about Apple’s upcoming iPhone X, shared via Twitter details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy phones.

As suggested, they will both share the same major specifications.

For instance, both Samsung Galaxy smartphones will have a variant that will be powered by Qualcomm SDM845 (released in the U.S. and China) and Exynos 9 Octa 10nm SoC (in other parts of the world). The two phones will also have 6GB of RAM and a 128GB storage capacity.

Interestingly, both Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will have an improved dual camera feature compared to the Note8 as suggested by Geskin.

However, he did not elaborate on the improvements of the dual camera feature.

Omar Sohail of suggested that Samsung might decide to retain the headphone jack and the SD Card expansion slot which could support up to 256GB. In addition, Samsung might also adopt IP68 water-resistance for the two smartphones. Sohail also believes that both smartphones might support 4K video recording at 60fps.

Release date and price

After the successful release of Galaxy S8 and S8+ in April, Samsung reportedly entered development and conceptualization for the next Galaxy models earlier than usual. Some of the reports suggested that Samsung plans to close the gap between the release of the next Galaxy smartphones and the iPhone X which is slated for release on Nov. 2, 2017.

So when will Samsung make the announcement?

According to UK-based website METRO, Samsung will release the two smartphones in March 2018. If we look at Samsung’s calendar this year, Galaxy S8 and S8+ were unveiled on March 29th; and pre-orders started March 30th, and it was officially released on April 21st.

However, if Samsung indeed wants to have an early release for the Galaxy S9 and S9+, the unveiling may be earlier than March 2018. Proof is in the unlocked single and dual SIM (U.S.) models, as well as the Verizon U.S. model, as posted by Geskin. This could only mean that Verizon may already have their copy of the two smartphones and could be conducting network tests.

According to METRO, Samsung Galaxy S9 will cost £700 (roughly $920) while the Galaxy S9+ will be sold for £800 (or about $1050). However, none of the trusted sources have confirmed this information, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphones as they become available.

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