Many Windows Phone users regret buying Windows smartphones due to the lack of available apps. One of the frustrated users asked a windows phone developer, Joe Belfiore, on Twitter whether he should move on from Windows Phone?

Joe, the developer, replied “Depends on who you are. Many companies still deploy to their employees, and we will support them. As an individual end-user, I switched platforms for the apps and hardware diversity. We will support those users too! Choose what's best for you.”

The developer said, he himself has switched to Android for any apps purposes and if people think they should give it up, then they should give it up.


Windows 10 Mobile tried to attract users by letting them run the same "universal apps" on both their PCs and handsets, but the concept failed to catch on.

Why W10 Mobile OS failed to impress?

No wonder Microsoft finally admitted its failure on their smartphone OS, considering their falling market shares. Microsoft struggled to impress the users as they lacked many important apps.

In another Twitter conversation, Joe Belfiore said “ We have tried very hard to persuade app developers. Paid money wrote apps for them, but volume of the users is too low for most of the companies to invest.”

Another reason for its failure is lack of a WIndows 10 Mobile operating system in a wide range of devices.


Mostly, Microsoft used its OS in Lumia series phones. HP also gave Window 10 Mobile a shot in one of its mobile device. Another mobile company, Alcatel used WIndows 10 Mobile Os in its device. Except for these two-three companies, no companies thought to launch a W10 Mobile device.

What about its existing users?

There’s nothing to worry about for the existing users. Joe Belfiore also said that they'd keep improving W10 Mobile OS. Bug fixes, security updates, etc. will keep coming, but they are not focused on adding more features and apps to Windows 10 Mobile OS.

As the developer said, If end-users need better app ecosystem, they should probably move on. But W10 Mobile OS will keep improving through monthly updates, and bug fixes as so many companies around the world still deploy W10 Mobile OS.


Is this the end for W10 Mobile production?

Yes, Microsoft has already announced that it won’t be producing Lumia series anymore. Meanwhile, Microsoft also claimed that it'd launch a new Windows 10 OS - codenamed andromeda. However, they also said the existing Windows 10 mobile users wouldn't be able to upgrade to it.