Social networking giant Facebook is getting some big changes this week, adding new exciting features. The latest addition will finally allow its users to take food order without leaving the Facebook app. However, the company is under from a few Advertisers.

According to TechCrunch, the Menlo Park-based company has teamed up with several food delivery startups and restaurants on the new addition. These include some of the big names in the food ordering and delivery industry, such as DoorDash, ChowNow, EatStreet, Slice, Olo,, and Zuppler.


Additionally, Facebook has also partnered with local restaurants and food chains, which include Chipotle Mexican Grill, PaneraTGI Friday’s, Papa John’s International, Jack in the Box, Five Guys, El Pollo Loco, Denny’s and Wingstop.

What the new feature will bring to the users

As reported earlier by TechCrunch, Facebook has been working with several food ordering companies. A year back, the social media giant has announced a partnership with two of the leading online food ordering services, and Slice.


That partnership will allow its millions of US-based users to place a food order from supported local restaurants through a supported restaurant’s Facebook Pages.

And this week, things are about to get even better. The Menlo Park-based company announced that the Order Food features it has been developing and testing since last year is finally rolling out to all the Facebook’s mobile and desktop users in the US.

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The goal is to allow its US users to take food order without leaving the Facebook app. The move will also reduce, and if God forbid, eliminate the numbers of users leaving the Facebook app to go to other online services or mobile app.

Facebook also explained that the newly announced Order Food feature will not be a direct revenue driver for the company. Facebook said that the new feature is free of charge.

It also added it doesn’t receive any shares or commissions from the profits made by its food partners via its social network.

This is not the first time Facebook has introduced a new feature. The company has been working on several other features in the past few months. These include things like a job board, movie listings, latest weather info, games, fundraisers, and more.

The company is under fire

In other Facebook-related news, the company is reportedly under fire from some advertisers and brand owners.


CNBC has learned that advertisers are increasingly talking about issues on advertising standards. The advertisers have been questioning more about the discrepancies between’s the social media giant’s measurement system the outside information, the CNBC added.

However, Facebook made some good explanation about the current issues. A company’s spokesperson explained that the measurements are based on a number of key factors, which may include users demographics info, location data from devices and user behavior.


The company added that the network’s measurements systems are designed to estimate only how many users in a certain area are eligible to see an online ad. Finally, the spokesperson said that the measurement systems are not designed to match population or a certain number of people in a given area. Meaning, they just based on reach estimation and not precise figures.

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