In this day and age, nobody questions the viability of electric-powered cars, so the next step in that development is the question of how big a vehicle can be while running on electricity. One of the e-car makers answering this challenge is plucky Tesla of visionary Elon Musk, which has promised to give a first peek at the company’s first electrical semi-truck this month. Unfortunately, those plans fell through in light of the ongoing production difficulties in getting enough Model 3 sedans out of the Tesla factory. As a result, German multinational automotive giant Daimler got to introduce their electric truck first.

First reveal

During the Tokyo Motor Show on Tuesday, October 24, Daimler took advantage of an international automobile event of that caliber in presenting the e-Fuso Vision One, their concept electric heavy duty truck. The vehicle was the brainchild of Daimler’s Japan-based Truck and Bus Division, Mitsubishi Fuso. Initial specs reveal that the E-Fuso Vision One truck has a range of 217 miles on a single full charge while hauling a maximum cargo weight of 11 tons. This is compared to the on-hold Tesla semi-truck which is said to have a range of 200 to 300 miles. No release date was given.

The advent of the E-Fuso Vision One is a significant step in Daimler’s long-term vision to completely phase out internal-combustion engines in all of its future large vehicles, transitioning to electrical motors in anticipation of more large cities doing a blanket ban on gas guzzlers.

In regard to the issue of having enough fast-charging capabilities to support the operation of their heavy duty e-truck, Daimler is confident. In their view, both Japan and Europe, which possess “mature“ electric vehicle markets, will be able to build up the necessary infrastructure to support the sustained use of the E-Fuso Vision One and other large electric trucks.

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Tesla falls behind

While Daimler is reveling in their introduction of the E-Fuso Vision One, Tesla is scrambling to make sure that their latest date for revealing their own e-semi truck will not be postponed yet again. After several delays brought on by their Model 3 manufacturing problems, Elon Musk’s car company is looking at November 16 to finally bring their heavy electric truck out in the open.

Their production slip-up has become rather ironic with how they are up by 51.62% as of 2017, and the E-Fuso reveal at the Tokyo Motor Show caused their stocks to drop over 3% on Wednesday.

The E-Fuso Vision One has yet to enter the market, but Daimler’s Mitsubishi Fuso division already has a light-duty electric truck selling quite well, the e-Canter. Big brand names like 7-Eleven and UPS are among those who have given the e-Canter a spin. Tesla will have to play catch-up now.