Apple’s iOS 11 has received two immediate updates in a span of two weeks since its official release last Sept. 16. Next week, Apple is said to releasing the beta update for its first major update on iOS 11.

The first two updates contain mostly bug fixes among other improvements with the last fixing the crackling or static sound on the earpiece while making a call which affected some iPhone 8 and 8 Plus units. But according to numerous reports, this iOS 11.1 beta will bring tons of new Emoji characters.

New emoji characters

According to The Verge, an addition of 56 new emoji characters will be added in next week’s iOS 11.1 beta update.

These characters are part of Unicode 10 and are expected to become part of the upcoming iOS version which is expected to arrive in late October or early November.

Some of the upcoming emoji’s are random; some are part of a larger group or section. For instance, a giraffe, a zebra, a hedgehog, a dinosaur (Brachiosaurus), and a grasshopper (or a cricket) will be added to the animals section once upgraded to the iOS 11.1 beta version.

Winter season is near (especially once these emoji characters are added) and so Apple decided to bring characters like a baseball cap, a scarf, pair of gloves, and a trench coat.

Then there’s the food section where a Chinese takeout box emoji, a broccoli, and a pie will be added.

Then there are these emoji’s representing mythical characters such as a Wizard (looks like a younger version of Dumbledore), a male fairy, a female version of Dracula, and a mermaid. The random emoji includes rock climbing, weights for curling, a sleigh, and a woman in a spa.

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More emoji’s coming soon

And then there are the familiar smiley faces showing more expressions, of course using the Unicode 10 version; one of which looks familiar (clue: The Emoji Movie). A total of four smiley faces are expected to arrive via the iOS 11.1 beta version. This will also bring gender-neutrality, additional skin tones, and facial looks.

Finally, there’s the orange heart.

According to tech website, there will be hundreds of new Unicode 10 characters that will be added when beta version arrives. This only means that once the complete version of iOS 11.1 is launched, we’ll be looking at a ton of new emoji’s joining the current crop of characters.

Based on the report, the upcoming emoji’s will offer more emotions, gender-neutral characters, clothing options, foods, animals and insects, mythical characters and more. The upcoming emoji’s are expected to arrive in the upcoming watchOS 4.1 Beta 2 and macOS 10.13.1 Beta 2 which is expected to be unveiled next week.