AMD and Nvidia are known for their high-end GPUs. Both the companies rival each other in GPU market. AMD’s Radeon RX Vega 64 is being directly compared to NVIDIA’s Gtx 1080 Ti. Most benchmark results have discovered that both the graphics cards manage to output the same kind of performance. According to a report by Tech Radar, the same is not true when “Forza 7” is being put to test. When a user, began playing “Forza 7” on both the cards, he discovered that Vega 64’s performance manages to surpass NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 Ti’s by a significant amount.

The specs and features of the GPU

NVIDIA upgraded its GTX 1080 with the powerhouse GTX 1080 Ti. It delivers a tough time to most of its competitors in the market – including AMD’s Radeon Vega. But when the action-packed “Forza 7” is running in DX12, Vega 64 outperforms 1080 Ti with 23 percent margin. This is in the Full-HD resolution set. User, made use of a PC that is powered by Intel’s Core i7 6850K processor. This has an overclocking speed of 4.3GHz.

The display resolution boasts of roughly 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution. AMD’s Radeon Vega managed to achieve a score of 137fps. Whereas, NVIDIA’s 1080 Ti only managed to bring 111fps. But it goes without saying that these results were only a result of one particular game, “Forza 7.” Readers are advised not to draw conclusions on the basis of this.

There might be factors that NVIDIA might satisfy in other games, which AMD might not. However, this hasn’t been proven as yet.

What NVIDIA has to say?

According to a report by Techspot, NVIDIA even commented on this matter. The graphics manufacturer confirmed that these results were accurate. They published an official blog post wherein they stated that they find the results highly unusual.

They have confirmed with ComputerBase that the results are accurate, the post further added. They also clarified that there are no problems, whatsoever, with regards to the system with GeForce. NVIDIA’s 1080 Ti is clearly not targeted towards full HD gaming. Whereas, Forza 7 is the kind that requires the support of the same.

Therefore, it ends up being suited for Vega. Media representatives have tried reaching out to AMD for a comment on this matter but have received no response. They will probably respond with time. These results are surely impressive. Users might have an easy time deciding which one to settle on, as their prices are highly competitive too.