Earlier this week, Apple unveiled the new Apple Watch Series 3 and it comes with built-in LTE. Carrier T-Mobile offers an add-on $10 wearable plan for the smartwatch. However, current devices under the plan are limited to 512 kbps connection. When customers expressed their dismay regarding the company's plan to charge extra for faster data, T-Mobile took immediate action by deciding to offer unlimited 4G Lte. Aside from preventing unsatisfactory reviews, the carrier also levels itself with other U.S. carriers carrying the new iPhone and/or wrist-worn accessory.

The original plan

Although no official statement was released regarding the data limit, MacRumors noticed the detail on the carrier's website. It states that T-Mobile will limit data speeds on the new Apple Watch to a maximum of 512 kbps. At the onset, this is already disappointing considering the device supports LTE connectivity. The throttled speed limit is also applied to other smartwatch brands including Samsung.

To provide further details, a spokesperson said in an email that the ceiling speed provided is enough for customers to do everything they want to do with the watch. Should they need data with higher speed, there is an option to choose a data plan paired with DIGITS. Unfortunately, the regular monthly fee of $10 is doubled if under auto-pay mode.

If the auto-pay is not enabled for the plan, the cost goes up to $25. Basically, the carrier wants its customers to spend more than the usual rate to maximize the Apple Watch Series 3's data speed capabilities.

Change of mind

When a steady number of customers expressed their frustrations over the company's plan. T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to Twitter his response regarding the issue.

His first tweet acknowledged the fact that customers were not pleased with the Apple Watch plan. Further, he emphasized how the company values what its customers have to say, which led him to look into the situation further.

His second post was an official announcement that customers will be getting full 4G LTE speeds upon the device's release next Friday.

To cap it off, he also said thanks for the feedback. Now it is important to note that adding an Apple Watch to a T-Mobile One plan will still require an extra $10 per month.

At least, the original idea of limiting download rates to 512 kbps and the extra charges for faster data has been dropped. Strategically, T-Mobile truly made the right move since none of the major carriers in the U.S. are imposing data speed caps on the Apple Watch. Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint have not expressed any interest in limiting the smartwatch’s download speeds.