Microsoft Surface Book is a top-notch laptop and it has got plenty amount of appreciation since it first came out. The users are eagerly waiting for the next version of the Surface Book. According to Hot Hardware, the Surface Book 2 might not be launched this year. Earlier, it was expected that the laptop will debut by the end of the year but this seems to be highly unlikely. Microsoft is having a busy season as XBOX One X is yet to arrive on the market but will on November 7.

Intel Kaby Lake is still questionable

Microsoft Surface Book 2 might not come out with the Intel Coffee Lake CPUs.

While, if the device features Cofee Lake then surely users can anticipate witnessing a performance upgrading of 30 percent as equal to the Kaby Lake version. The laptop is also speculated to feature the SnapDragon 835 CPU; however that is very questionable- as Microsoft will most possibly attempt and sustain constant performance across the board. One of the most anticipated features of the device is the 4K Display. Notably, many few devices have featured the 4K display technology so far.

There is no precise information about the price or the release date but looking at how the Surface series is a line-up of first-class products, Microsoft Surface Book 2 is not expected to be very cheap. Users might find out more about its pricing before the end of the year.

What about Surface Pro 5?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is anticipated to come with numerous feature upgrades over its predecessor but nothing detailed has been disclosed up to this point. The Surface Pro 4 has a 12.3-inch PixelSense Touchscreen, powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and a resolution of with 2,736x1,824.

It runs on Windows 10 Professional operating system and comes equipped with 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. In terms of display quality, it might not come with 4K technology. It is highly possible that the device could mark USB-C Type for connectivity purpose.

An enhanced battery would also be required to maintain an in-built recharge port for the Surface Pen.

If any recently distinct updates are to be assumed, Microsoft may have an improved Surface Pen loop in the machine that will not only hold the Surface Pen itself but also charge it through the USB port on Surface devices. The 2-in-1 device is gearing up to rival Apple iPad Pro series of laptops. It's also possible it may feature LTE technology, reports ZDNet. Price and release date has not been confirmed yet.