It is quite clear that Microsoft has had very inadequate success with mobile as the company’s struggles to contribute to a significant amount of market share is not unknown. With giants like Apple and Google presently ruling the business, Microsoft is under huge pressure to crack mobile business efficaciously. There is no disagreeing that the Surface phone is one of the most awaited and talked-about devices. The Surface Phone has been rumored since ages and we’re still not sure about its existence, but the rumors keep on approaching about the same.

Though, the phone is expected to arrive soon, according to the recent publication. Microsoft is currently collaborating with Pegatron in order to create the trial product. The announcement by Microsoft heads predicted the launch could be by the end of 2017. However, they also believe that these phones will likely be available in the stores by early 2018.

The Surface crew has done an amazing work of distracting the computing business in recent years, with the innovations such as Surface Pro, Surface Book and Surface Studio, the company is proving to be a prickle in the path of its competitors.

Microsoft may also build a Thumbprint Scanner into the screen. The same thing you see on phones such as Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 if rumors are to be understood.

According to the predictions, if the Surface Phone does put a thumbprint scanner it might possibly have a smaller, thinner body.

Features and specs of the smartphone

The rumor suggests that the phone will have a ClearBlack AMOLED display. This technology efficiently diminishes reflections and also has been used on many Lumia phones, whereas AMOLED is majorly used by Samsung.

It classically distributes intense colors with great contrast. However, many times AMOLED display has also appeared on Windows phones including the Microsoft Lumia 950.

Rumors and speculations

Still, many sources now assume that there are fewer chances to have Surface Handset in the Redmond-based company's channel all together as the company is forecasting to launch a Surface Note in its place.

According to rumors, a modern consumer idea has lately appeared online, displaying how the Surface Note would probably look like. On the basis of the pictures circulating online, the device is likely to be a foldable tablet with the architecture similar to that of the previous patent by Microsoft.