When iOS 10.3 was introduced back in late March, many Apple users and even some hackers thought it would be impossible to create another Jailbreak Tool. The reason: This third major update on iOS 10 introduced Apple’s newest file system called Apple File System (APFS) which replaced the two-decade old HFS Plus or simply, HFS+.

Surprisingly, it took only a couple of months before news of successful jailbreaking began to surface. Unfortunately, after a few demos and events showcasing the instability of iOS 10.3.x, no jailbreak tool became available to the public.

Jailbreaking is possible, however…

Proof that the third major update of iOS 10 can be jailbroken was first demonstrated during the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) held last June organized by Team Pangu and PoC, two known hackers groups. KeenLab senior research security expert Liang Chen showed the audience two iPhones running iOS 10.3.2 and a third iPhone running iOS 11 beta version, jailbroken.

Chen’s presentation proved that APFS, like its predecessor, can be jailbroken. However, the security researcher and his team did not mention whether they will release a jailbreak tool or not. This somehow supported earlier rumors of Apple’s newest way to beat jailbreaking.

According to some rumors, Apple has commissioned hacker groups like Team Pangu among others to do security research, finding exploits and bugs.

In return, they won’t be releasing any jailbreak tool while still on contract. Though the amount of the contract sounds startling (we’ll not mention the figure), this somehow explains why no jailbreak tool has come out since.

Plus, it looks like hitting two birds with one stone: Apple is now outsourcing jobs to find exploits and bugs on their mobile operating system, so their own security group could focus solely on how to fix them.

Second, they no longer have to fight any jailbreak attempts.

Stay on iOS 10.3.2

It has been more than a month since Apple released what is believed to be the last iOS update before moving up to iOS 11. While a lot of websites claim to have the newest jailbreak tool, none of them actually works. However, some app developers and security researchers suggested staying on iOS 10.3.2 if one really wants to jailbreak their Apple device.

There is no update whether a jailbreak tool will become available in the near future or once iOS 11 is released. Yet somehow, some hackers and security researchers are giving out information on how an exploit can take the form of jailbreaking.

Take for instance Ian Beer’s sample exploit release back in April.

It was not a jailbreak tool; however, it teaches Apple users how an exploit can be modified. Instead of creating a jailbreak tool, information about the iOS vulnerability is shared; it is up to Apple users on how they can come up with a more brilliant idea.