The early demised of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has paved its way to the most anticipated successor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Spectacular Android version, unbelievable size and the innovative Stylus Pen are among the new massive features the phablet has to offer.

On the other hand, Samsung's counterpart from Cupertino, California prepares for the coming of iPhone 8 with released date later than Samsung's newest flagship. Forbes reported that Samsung's new smartphone is likely to start its pre-orders before Apple could introduce the iPhone 8.

Massive, bezel-less display

Samsung Galaxy Note lineup is known for its massive display.

As the official successor of Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 8 is reportedly sporting an infinity display which basically means an absence of bezels on the screen. Furthermore, this new technology also gets rid of the physical buttons at the front.

Keeping up with its trademark massive display also means a 6.3-inch screen size for the monstrous phablet according to a video footage uploaded by a reputable phone leakster mmdj_china in Twitter. If the claim is true, then the new Galaxy Note smartphone will be bigger than its cousin Galaxy S8 Plus.

Likely to feature an innovative S-Pen

The hype about the new flagship smartphone's Stylus has been going around online last week when the alleged image of S-Pen has been leaked on the website Slash Leaks. The images appeared hazy, thus, its authenticity was questioned by the netizens.

However, other reports claimed that the next S-Pen that comes with the smartphone is expected to be more innovative than the one with Note 7. One of the new features of the Stylus refers to its capability to work with Find My Mobile app.

Works with new Android version

In light of the most anticipated release date of Galaxy Note 8, new details that pertain to the smartphone's operating system have been revealed.

BGR reported that the new phablet will sport Samsung Experience 8.5 on top of Android.

For this reason, elimination of dropped frames and smoother experience are heavily expected during the handset's interface with the user. The spectacular Android version is expected to be a great contribution for the phone to be hailed as the queen of smartphones in 2017.

Release date and price

Previous reports claimed that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launching will be in Q2 of 2017 but this has failed to realized. Until now, no factual details have been revealed by Samsung regarding the smartphone's confirmed release date. However, other details revealed that the new phone will be the costliest smartphone. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be released in four variants.

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