Sony announced last month that the 5.0 firmware update for the PlayStation 4 is on the way, and the beta version would be available in August. While the tech company still did not provide official details about the improvements the patch will bring, the patch notes have now been leaked online.

Eurogamer has acquired the release notes for the PS4 5.0 firmware update. The PS4 5.0 Update will come along with major changes, such as PS4 Pro’s ability to stream Twitch at 1080p and 60FPS.


The update will have a new system that allows PS4 owners to follow any PSN member. The new system seems more like what's possible on Twitter or Xbox One, where a person can follow another without the need of adding that person as a friend.

Other features of the PS4 5.0 firmware update

The PS4 5.0 firmware update will also allow players to block users, and players would also have the option to choose just their existing friends to be able to follow their account.


The PS4 5.0 firmware update’s other major additions include expanded account management options. This new option will have new family accounts that will be able to feature multiple adult accounts, and updates to system notifications, which would make them appear from the Quick Menu.

The PS4 update 5.0 will also come along with spectators comments on-screen while broadcasting in VR mode, the ability to connect broadcasts to a PlayStation Community, push notifications for events, as well as behind-the-scenes support for the bundle and compilation discs.

The update is expected to support seven more languages, such as Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Indonesian, Greek and Thai. Nevertheless, the Japanese tech giant is reportedly planning to roll out the PS4 5.0 firmware update with a revamped PlayStation App soon.

On the other hand, when it comes to sales of the PlayStation 4 console, the tech company does a pretty good job on it. Things would really take off when Sony launches some kind of price drop, just like the gaming console went down to $249.99 for a limited time earlier this year. However, game enthusiasts could be seeing another discount on the horizon.

Discount on PS4 Slim with ‘Uncharted 4’

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, Target ad (which will run from August 13 until August 19) has the PS4 Slim console packaged in with the action-adventure video game, “Uncharted 4,” at $269.99. But, if a person would check the right now, that person will notice that the gaming system is already priced at $269.99. Meanwhile, there’s no word yet if the PS4 Pro will have a price drop.


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