Millions of gamers around the world rely on their trusted PS4 consoles for playing new games. Sony's consoles have become exceptionally popular among fans, which has led the company to open an official PlayStation account on Twitter. The Twitter account is used to update fans about new developments and also reminds them of special events that may take place.

However, the official Twitter account for Sony's console recently got hacked, leading to panic among some users of the gaming platform. The hackers belonged to a group named OurMine and these people even posted a message on Twitter claiming that they had taken over Playstation.

This message was promptly removed, but not before NeoGAF managed to capture a screenshot of the message.

PlayStation Twitter account

If you are one of the users who follow the official PlayStation Twitter handle, then it is better to change your passwords, as the hackers may target random accounts now. Even though there has been no report of hacks ever since, it is safer to alter the current password with a new one. The folks at Sony have remained silent about the hacking since the account came back up.

The account, going by the handle Ask PlayStation, has since returned to its normal state. It is now answering queries by fans as well. However, there is no other information regarding why the company may be neglecting the blatant hacking attempt and security concerns.

Seeing as how the account deleted the posts from the hackers, it seems even more strange that the company has not decided to acknowledge the breach.

However, this is not the first time that hackers have targeted PlayStation systems. In 2011, an attack on the PlayStation Network was so severe that all of the accounts remained suspended for a long period of time.

A U.S. Congressional sub-committee held a conference in that case as the data belonging to 70 million accounts were compromised.

This is a huge reason for worry as people on the PSN are constantly using credit cards and other forms of payment to buy games and accessories online. With a hack such as this, it becomes very easy for hackers to pry into the bank accounts of other people and steal money from the accounts.

It is essential that Sony quickly finds ways of addressing such issues.

Who is OurMine?

OurMine is a notorious group of hackers who are constantly accessing restricted data and creating all kinds of mischief. Previous targets of the hacker group include HBO, TechCrunch, and Buzz Feed. Hopefully, Sony is plugging the hole, which allowed the hackers to get inside the network.