The newly announced TESLA outperforms most other cars in its price range. With a sleek design that is sure to turn heads along with incredible reliability, the car will enter the market shortly. On top of being incredibly reliable, the model 3 from TESLA is autonomous and uses electricity as its fuel source. These 3 unique characteristics make TESLA the premium brand it is.

People possibly making a reservation for the model 3 are faced with a large challenge. Committing to buy a car that has never been available to the public can be a risky task.

However, a lot of information retaining to the model 3 has already been released.

Overview: model 3 TESLA

Without question, TESLA has been pioneering the way automobiles are made. TESLA created the autonomous car and built it to run on electricity. Elon Musk, TESLA's owner, had multiple goals in mind when creating his automobile brand. Musk wanted to provide both a reliable and luxurious way of transportation for the everyday person. Musk and his team at TESLA have done just that. The Model S, for example, was a complete success. Becoming one of the first autonomous cars to be street legal. Throughout the years, TESLA has continued to deliver state of the art autonomous cars to customers across the world.

Musk has recently announced that TESLA will be creating the Model 3 and will make its public debut sometime next year. As of right now, reservations for the car are available on TESLA's official site. Of course, when the announcement of the Model 3 was made, many questions quickly arose.

Those thinking about purchasing the Model 3 are likely interested in how it varies from previous models.

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Musk has made it clear that the Model 3 will be different in a variety of ways. Firstly, the new car from TESLA will be shorter in length than previous models. Just shy of 185", the Model 3 is sure to be a much more versatile car, making the task of navigating narrow areas much easier. The new model is going to be more aerodynamic than other models from TESLA.

Not only is this appealing to the eye, but it makes the car much more efficient when expending energy. While the overall design of the new TESLA is truly a work of art, most people are going to be concerned on what the inside looks like.

In the cabin, passengers are pampered with advanced technology not found in the majority of cars. As stated before, one of Musk's goals was to provide a luxurious way of transportation for the everyday person. On the dashboard, you can find a rather large 15" touchscreen device that serves many purposes. GPS navigation, air conditioning, onboard cameras, and radio can be accessed with the touch of a finger.

The entire cabin is completed with leather seating and siding.

Simply another way TESLA delivers premium luxury to its customers. The inside can be customized in terms of color to match whatever buyers may have in mind, should they not mind spending a little more.

Those who are concerned with the car's performance, do not despair. TESLA is praised for the reliability of all of their cars and previous models show just that. In fact, the TESLA Model S set a new 0-60 MPH record for all production cars at under 2.3 seconds. Giving TESLA a great reputation in terms of speed.


Overall, the Tesla Model 3 is going to be a revolutionary car. Whether drivers are looking for speed, luxury, or reliability, the TESLA Model 3 will deliver. Again, reservations for the car are currently available.

Those wanting to be the first in line when the Model 3 makes its debut should consider making a reservation on TESLA's site soon.

Regardless of reservation, the TESLA Model 3 is a great choice for those looking to get an all-around, high-performance car. There is simply no other way to put it. Not to mention it can be bought at a reasonable price for most people.