Google announced [VIDEO] on Tuesday a Google Maps update that will let its users find Parking Space easier as they drive around cities. The new feature is available in several United States locations, as well as 25 others more outside the country, the official blog post stated.

Users can now easily find parking garages nearby the destination where they are headed to, and automatically add these into their trips. The list of possible parking lots includes estimated walking time toward the destination from the vicinity of the open space.

However, Tech Crunch reported that parking fees might not be detected by the new feature of Google Maps.

The company is looking forward to adding this option in the future, as well as the option to reserve these spaces within a vacant lot.

Finding a parking space is always the priority for the motorists. This is one of the reasons why Google rolled out a new update to the parking difficulty icons feature that the company introduced earlier this year, then added new ones, the blog post stated.

How it works

To look for possible areas to park the cars – for instance, when watching a movie or visiting a restaurant – users have to get some directions to their destination and search for the Parking Difficulty Icon in the directions card located at the lower part of the screen.

The Parking Difficulty options range from limited, easy and medium, depending on the parking data available.

Google Maps for Android also makes it possible to find parking nearby the place of destination. On the directions card, users have to tap “Find Parking” to see a collection of vacant lots nearby. As they choose one, it automatically adds to their trip.

The application can now get users from point A to point B, and all in between, since these features can give the options to look for parking and save them on the map. The new feature is now available in 25 cities in the United States, Google said in the blog.

These cities include Atlanta, Tampa, Boston, St. Louis, Charlotte, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Cleveland, Sacramento, Dallas and Forth Worth, Portland, and DC. It is also available in Denver, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Phoenix, Houston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, New York City, and Minneapolis.

Parking difficulty

This update is part of Google Maps’ Parking Difficulty feature. Since it was launched this year, it helped users and drivers find areas where it is difficult to park, and where spaces are bountiful. This provided them with more time to prepare their trips based on the time they are going to spend searching for an area where to leave their cars. This option is perfect for crowded venues, and packed events like concerts, galas, and sports matches.