Cosmopolitan reported that Amazon Prime now delivers wine right at your doorstep within just an hour. Customers will need to become an Amazon Prime Now member to experience this new offering.

Aside from being an online marketplace, Amazon offers delivery services for household items such as shampoo and soaps that will be taken to your door within a few days. This is part of their delivery services for the items sold on their websites, such as books and musical albums.

How can customers experience this wine delivery option? It works only in selected locations, and if the customer’s address falls under those locations, they can get the two-hour delivery for free. One-hour delivery costs $8, Cosmopolitan reported.


Out of the cities that have the Prime Now option, 12 of them have adapted the services bringing alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, and spirits right at the doorsteps of their customers. This is done within two hours or even less, Food And Wine reported.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers quick and free shipping to more than 50 million items listed on their website. Whether customers need to send last minute gifts or they might have forgotten to pick up an item, the platform offers delivery services to items without minimum orders required.

Some of the eligible items include their favorite movies and television shows, music, books, magazines, and original audio series. The platform has launched the Prime Now feature in 2014, which provides free same-day deliveries on certain items, their official website indicated.


Where to access the service

Amazon has made the services available in around 30 cities in the United States. As it develops the feature more, users can expect to see more locations in the list.

Some of the cities include Cincinnati in Indiana, Chicago in Illinois, Columbus in Ohio, Los Angeles in California, and Minneapolis in Minnesota. These wine deliveries are also available in New York City, Phoenix in Arizona, Portland in Oregon, Richmond in Virginia, San Diego in California, San Francisco Bay Area in California, and in Seattle in Washington.

Food and Wine reported that Portland in Oregon was the latest addition to these selected locations. Portland is nearby Amazon’s headquarters in the Pacific Northwest.


Seattle in Washington has been enjoying the feature via Prime Now since 2015. The official website also offers an option for users to try Prime for a free 30-day trial.