Next month, Intel will unveil the three most powerful Core i9 processors based on Skylake architecture which will target the high-end/enthusiast market. But before that happens, the Silicon Valley-based multinational technology company will introduce yet another batch of powerful Core i7 processors based on Coffee Lake architecture.

On August 21, Intel will introduce the 8th generation Intel Core processors through Facebook Live. The event will take place at 8 a.m. PDT and can be accessed via Intel’s Facebook page or the Intel newsroom.

The most powerful Core i7, 8700K

The leaked specifications of the upcoming Intel Coffee Lake processors came straight from China wherein a training session for retailers was recently conducted.


There were two Core i7 processors introduced, one of which is the flagship Intel Core i7-8700K which will have 6-cores and 12-threads instead of the usual 4-cores and 8-threads.

According to tech website WCCFTech, this Intel Coffee Lake processor is 11% faster in terms of single-threaded operations while offers a staggering 51% increase in performance on multi-thread operations compare to its predecessor, 7700K. Interestingly, while this monster processor already offers a base clock speed of 3.8GHz on a single core, it can still reach up to 4.3GHz running on all six cores. In addition, this Core i7-8700K is able to reach up to 4.4GHz on 4-core, 4.5GHz on both two- and single-core.

This Intel Coffee Lake flagship processor which is based on 14nm technology has an L2 Cache of 1.5MB (256KB per core) and L3 Cache of 12MB.

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As per the report, this Core i7-8700K will come out fully unlocked which means hardcore gamers can make good use of its overclocking capability. It is compatible with LGA 1151, supports DDR4-2666 MHz and runs on 95W of TDP. Initial reports suggest that this CPU could cost around $349.

Other Coffee Lake processors

Intel will also offer a non-K Core i7-8700 which has the same 6-cores/12-threads structure. This non-K Coffee Lake Core i7 processor is said to be 18% faster and offers 58% better performance on a single- and multi thread environment, respectively, compared to its predecessor, the Core i7-7700. It has the same amount of L2 and L3 Caches as 8700K though it runs on a lower 65W of TDP; however, it does not support overclocking.


In addition, there will also be two Core i5’s -- 8600K and 8400 -- both of which have 6-cores/6-threads and three Core i3’s -- 8350K, 8300 and 8100 -- all with 4-cores/4-threads. While all processors are compatible with LGA 1151 and support DDR4-2666MHz, only Core i5-8600K and Core i3-8350K supports overclocking.