Since years, Samsung has been integrating its wireless charging feature in most of the leading flagship smartphones. As time has passed by, the feature has been improved over time. Samsung also remains to be among those few leading manufacturers that have been able to successfully integrate such a feature into its smartphones. While others have attempted to do so, none have succeeded like Samsung has.

Apple is among those technology giants who have been working towards embedding the new feature in its upcoming iPhone 8 devices.

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Wireless charging technology is probably the norm of the year, and thus, all of the major technology brands are running towards getting the same installed on their respective smartphones.

After all, how wonderful would it be if the smartphones were charged automatically without the use of a cord or a charger? It’s undoubtedly a dream come true for most users.

Samsung made a huge success

Coming back to Samsung, the South-Korean technology giant first made their initial entry into the wireless technology sector back in 2000. The company suddenly started appearing in headlines, for having to hire a particular skilled-based team who’d primarily be working on getting this feature work. Samsung’s primary goal was to create a standard in the market, for wireless charging technology. They wanted the users to have a seamless experience while using the technology themselves. Samsung however, was faced with troubles along the way.

It took almost 10 years

First of all, Samsung lacked all the required components of ensuring that wireless charging was functional.

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Secondly, since the innovation was brand-new, the prices for the same would be quite hefty by nature as well. Thus, this would cause even more troubles in the market, as for that time, the prices of Samsung’s flagship smartphones would become too high. The company took over ten years to get this aspect straight. Samsung then finally made the wireless charging technology debut in 2011. The firm had launched this technology specifically for the Droid Charge. Samsung later went on to launch a wireless charging kit as well in the years to follow.

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones including Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus – both consist of wireless charging technology. The technology is accompanied with Wireless Charger Convertible and even comes with the ability to allow users to adjust the features as per their convenience. Samsung is only further speculated to improve its wireless technology furthermore.