Google Maps is a web mapping service owned by Google, which offers street maps, satellite imagery of road and best possible roots to travel by car, foot or public transportation. It covers and gives details of almost everything that a person who is traveling would want to know.

In addition to its provided features, Google Maps will now let you know the best possible time to conduct your journey.

Details about this upgrade

In the route info screen that you find at the bottom of your searched results, along with traveling time estimates now you'll also find graph bars informing you of the current traffic situation along your route that will give you the advice about the best time to begin your road trip.

Three colors are provided in these bars like traffic signals namely green, yellow and red giving you the information about current traffic conditions.

Currently this feature is only available for Android users, However, it appears that Google will also make it available for iOS and Windows users soon.

Previous updates and accessibility details

July7: Google introduced a new feature to add accessibility details about certain places. For instance, for disabled persons, this feature allows them to inquire whether a restaurant has a wheelchair accessible entrance or not.

Anyone can add details by going into ''your contribution'' option present in the main menu of the app.

Create list of cool places

February 13: Google added a new feature to create and share list of cool places with family and colleagues.

The created list could consist of places like top restaurants, best fishing places or clubs etc. Users can share their list on social media via a custom link.

Tabbed interface

February 6: Google introduced a new tabbed interface and provided users the ease to access frequently used features grouped into three main categories namely Places, Transit and Driving.

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Using this new interface, operations that come under these three categories can be accessed with few tabs.

New voice commands

September 29: Google introduced tons of new voice commands in Google Maps, allowing users to access features like show route overview or mute through voice commands.

Overall, it appears that Google is making making serious efforts to make Google Maps much more accessible and user-friendly. It's really pleasing to see how much Google cares about user comfort and comes up with new innovations every now and then.