Say goodbye to “Google Now” and prepare to meet and explore “Google Feed”. The latest reinvention of the classic tech introduces a major shift in user content consumption.

'Google Feed' discovers user preferences

Google Now” was first launched when Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was released about five years ago. Its capabilities and intelligence have been upgraded through the years. With every upgrade, it has become more useful to users. But the unfortunate flop of Now in Tap has led Google to focus their creative minds into something else.

Google introduces a technology that is capable of giving users personalized news content without requiring them to take personality quizzes or accomplish graphs of interest.

Google Feed” works keeping track of the fresh and latest stories. It shall then be combined with the most recent story and topic searches of the user.

The feed searches for the most popular topics and issues in the user’s city and even around the globe. It attempts to bring the user closer to the interest of his community. Each topic is provided with various sources so that the user can explore various angles and compare information, thus, gaining a wider perspective of the subject at hand. The feed is programmed to understand that the human mind is easily bored and that interest over certain topics declines overnight. Hence, when the tech detects that its user is no longer interested in one subject, it automatically excludes the topic and updates the feed.

Google Feed” focuses on users’ interest

One of the novel features of Google’s new feed is getting of friends.

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This offers a solution for those who are fed up with stories shared by other users. In Google Feed, there is no need to add or friend another user. This feature eliminates the crowded and public atmosphere of Facebook. There is also no need to follow pages, personalities, and publishers. There is also no like button, getting rid of the social obligation that is very much common in Instagram and other social media sites.

Having no “friends” means getting rid of other user’s interests in your news feed. Google Feeds offers a spontaneous stream of popular topics that offer users with diverse social content to discover. The feed has been under series of tests ever since December last year. It is compatible with both Android and iOS, giving users a new and exciting experience.

Feed is Google’s way of showing that they can very much make up for lagging behind the social media scene. The minds behind the tech giant have found a way to make use of all the user preference statistics they gather from their search engine, maps, calendar, and e-mail.

Meanwhile, the “Google Now” brand has finally been relieved from service. But despite its retirement, the underlying technology that was first used to cater to user interest has been saved and reinvented to better satisfy users’ desire for entertainment.