Hmd Global-backed nokia took the market by a storm when they announced the revival of its classic 3310 feature phone. Following which, the device maker announced their foray into the Android-based smartphone market. Now, the firm has joined hands with Zeiss in order to integrate optics made by the latter in Future Nokia-branded smartphones. HMD Global made the announcement today, stating that they have entered a strategic collaboration with Zeiss, with the goal to enhance the image-viewing experience for its future Nokia smartphones. This isn’t the first time that company has gotten together with Zeiss.

Back in 2005 as well, Nokia signed a joint venture with Zeiss wherein the latter was given a deal to manufacture as many as 100 million smartphones.

Nokia smartphones will be powered by Zeiss technology

HMD Global reportedly posted a press release that pretty much confirmed the aforementioned news. In the information posted by HMD Global, they further stated that Zeiss technology will be used by the former in several factors including the camera’s optics, software and overall image-viewing experience. So, when exactly will the market witness the arrival of these Nokia-branded, Zeiss optics-backed smartphones? That question still remains unanswered. As mentioned previously, the partnership between Nokia and Zeiss dates back to 2005.

The majority of Nokia-branded smartphones, including Nokia N90, Nokia N73 and Nokia 6500, slide among others come equipped with Zeiss’ optics technology. HMD Global further went on to claim that through their partnership with Zeiss, the firm has managed to make a sale of approximately 100 million smartphones. The partnership further iterates the rumors that stated that future high-end Nokia-backed smartphones will come featuring a dual rear camera setup.

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Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 rumors

There have been many rumors in the recent past that indicated that the upcoming Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 smartphones will pack a dual rear camera setup with Carl Zeiss lenses. Zeiss Camera’s Instagram handle posted an interesting image recently. The picture hinted a possible dual camera system development from the side of the company.

Dual-camera systems have been trending a lot lately. Even Samsung is speculated to launch its Note 8 smartphone with a special dual rear camera setup. In the press release, HMD Global also acknowledged the role that Zeiss has been playing in delivering a quality experience to its users.