Asus earlier this year took the wraps off its Zenfone 4 smartphone, driving its fans crazy with anticipation as to when exactly the will firm be officially launching the smartphone.

A new report suggests that ASUS is currently planning on making its ZenFone 4 smartphone units available for sale by the end of August at the very latest.

The smartphone will be available soon

According to a report published by Android Soul, sources close to the matter have suggested that ASUS plans on shipping its ZenFone 4 smartphone by August this year.

The company was expected to introduce the device some time ago but due to technical issues, the company was unable to do so.

This hasn’t exactly turned out in favor of ASUS either. Several reports have started reporting that the delay in the launch of this smartphone, will end up badly for the company. The firm will pretty much lose out on the global market share of the third quarter, where it had the best chance of performing.

Competition is getting fierce

Now that other flagship smartphones will also be surfacing online – it remains to be seen exactly what will take place once they all come face-to-face with each other. ASUS is expected to compete directly with other smartphone brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei and others.

Apart from this, ASUS is also expected to introduce newer handsets to the market. The most speculated one is the company’s ZenFone 4 Max smartphone. The device belongs to the mid-range category and is expected to debut in the following month.

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The company isn’t expected to hold a big event for the unveiling of the smartphone, as it falls in the mid-range category but they might introduce the smartphone on the company’s official websites and social media platforms. As it falls in the mid-range category, the smartphone is expected to compete with other smartphones such as HTC U 11, Xiaomi Mi 6, Mi Max 2, Oppo R11 and other such devices.

ASUS has held a reputation for delaying the launch of its smartphones. Last year the firm postponed the launch of its ZenFone 3 line-up of smartphones. The company in fact, failed to even meet its target of shipping 25 million units. It remains to be seen whether the same deed will be carried out this time too. It will be a tough nut to crack for the company.

The specifications of the upcoming smartphone have not been revealed as yet. As it belongs to the mid-range category, chances are that the device will pack decent specs and will come at an affordable price as well.