augmented reality is currently quite a popular topic among technophiles and people associated with the technology industry such as smartphones and tablets. Many companies around the world are trying to perfect AR technology in a bid to commercialize the concept. Much like the Virtual Reality technology, such devices are expected to help both corporations and individuals.

Apple is one of the leading names when it comes to any kind of technological advancements. Thus, it is not surprising to know that Apple has also been quite devoted to improving the current AR technology.

Its new ARKit is expected to debut with the iOS 11 platform to be released later n the year. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently hinted at other Augmented Reality projects that the company is involved with currently, although he did not go into any details. Now a new patent filed by Apple has revealed some startling information regarding what the Cupertino-based company’s plans for AR.

Patent reveals Apple AR Glasses may be a possibility

The patent, which was spotted by Patently Apple, gives some information on the technology that Apple may implement in the future Augmented Reality devices and also reveals some of the functionalities that the devices would be capable of performing in the future.

Some of the features do sound futuristic and far-fetched at the time being, but it may be a possibility in the not so distant future.

Apple’s patent describes how the technology can be used to overlay information on the real world through this form of augmented reality. This means that people could be using Apple’s technology in the future and add a simple waypoint to mark a store or a building while passing by it.

This waypoint could later be located on the device and be revisited.

Although the patent mainly points to a smartphone being used in conjunction with the technology, Apple later mentioned that the same could be handled by a specialized Glass. This immediately brings to mind the Google Glass and all that it promised. However, Apple may just find a successful way of providing AR technology without the glaring faults of the Google device.

With the Apple AR Glasses, the eyes of the wearer would see the world while more information about every aspect would also be displayed on the glass for the user to peruse.

AR Glasses not expected anytime soon

Although the AR technology which has been revealed in the patent seems to be quite interesting, it is still a ways off. The patent originates from a company named Metaio, which Apple acquired in 2015. The patent was originally filed in 2013, but the device featuring this technology would not be arriving anytime in the near future.