Apple’s flagship smartphone series iPhone is celebrating its 10th anniversary this 2017. As it approaches, several rumors have emerged and the latest of which are the claims about the release of a new Iphone Se and the highly anticipated iPhone 8.

The tech giant is not known for making dramatic changes to its product line. However, Apple might have a change of heart and take an expensive gamble for the latest technology and security features of its upcoming iPhone model.

New SE model rumors

According to 9to5Mac, rumors have it that the iPad maker will release a new SE model at an “event” this August.

The publication further revealed that the device would be much affordable at €399 ($463.77) compared to the current model, which is priced at €489 ($568.38) for a 32GB unit.

Even though the report for an SE release seems probable, it’s best to take this news with a grain of salt. The reason? Tech experts said this is the “first time” that they have heard about a new SE in the works, which might come with a few minor hardware revisions.

Some reports also hinted that the new SE model might get a processor upgrade in the spring of 2018, which will be either an A10 fusion or A11. But since Apple reportedly plans to release three new smartphones (with 4.7- inch, 5.5-inch and 5.8-inch displays) this year, anything could be a possibility.

iPhone 8 speculations

Several publications have already reported that tech firm will launch the iPhone 8 this fall (sometime in October or November).

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The latest model will reportedly have a new physical design. It also comes with a new OLED display, curved glass, inductive charging, an upgraded dual-lens rear camera and the rumored biometric recognition modification.

As for the price of the latest smartphone model, it will reportedly have a retail price of more than $1,000. In fact, it has a rumored starting price of $1,200, which is the current market value of a MacBook pro. But with the model’s OLED display, not to mention the upgraded cameras for AR/retina scanning, buyers could expect a pretty steep price tag.

Leaked details

Meanwhile, there’s some information about the latest Apple flagship smartphone model that was leaked on a Chinese social networking site. The photos reportedly showed the Touch ID biometric scanner was located at the back of the phone.

Based on the confirmed final design, however, there was “no cutout” at the back of the latest Apple smartphone model that is intended for a fingerprint scanner, BGR reported. But for the most probable design, the Touch ID biometric scanner could be integrated into the power button.