Since the cancellation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year, we’ve heard little of the Galaxy Note 8. This isn’t a surprise seeing as Samsung took a beating due to the Galaxy Note 7, and would rather get rid of that bad mojo before going in depth about the follow-up product.

For those who were living under a rock all this time, the Galaxy Note 7 was Samsung’s most impressive mobile device in 2016. It had a lot of power and battery life to keep that power going for hours in a day.

Everyone wanted to own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and for a good reason.

However, things didn’t go as according to plan for the South Korean giant. You see, weird things began to happen, as folks on the web claim their device was smoking and catching fire.

It didn’t take long for a Galaxy Note 7 to explode and for news organizations to run with the story like hot fire. Things got so much out of control that one person suffered third-degree burns, and another had to sit back and watch as his car burned out.

Additionally, a Galaxy Note 7 device caught fire on a plane and burned through the carpet flooring.

Samsung attempted to fix the issue

In a bid to get things under control, Samsung released a firmware upgrade that reduces the maximum capacity of the battery. While it worked for some, the phone was still overheating for many others.

It was then the phone maker chose to end production and incur a loss.

Fast forward into the future, and the Galaxy Note 8 is hot on everyone’s lips. Furthermore, new information is hitting the web, and we’re getting overly excited about because of it.

The price is out of this world

According to a report from VentureBeat, the Galaxy Note 8 is such a powerhouse; it could cost eager fans a whopping $1100 USD at retail.

That’s quite a lot for a smartphone; in fact, that amount of cash could purchase a decent laptop with change left over.

We should point out that the Note 7 was significantly cheaper as it cost only $895 USD We’re not certain if the 6.3-inch display and the 6GB of RAM adds a lot to the cost, but we’ll definitely find out once Samsung releases the full specification to the public.

For a smartphone of this caliber, we expect it to launch with the QUALCOMM Snapdragon 835 processor as the primary driver. Going this route should make for a speedy product, and not to mention, the added 6GB of RAM will improve on multitasking among other things.

Moreover, the Note 8 will be Samsung’s second mobile device to go over 4GB of RAM.