Since the emergence of smartphones a little less than ten years ago, technology has made it much easier and convenient for Americans to buy, sell, and view entertainment virtually with a tap of the screen. Prior to this, people were scrambling in their everyday lives to enjoy the luxuries that are currently enjoyed. Today, there are five important Apps everyone should have that are much needed. Below is a list of the five most needed apps today.


PayPal is an online corporation that allows people all over the world to accept payment for services electronically.

Now how genius of an idea was this? Living in the current times where most shoppers would rather buy online, having a PayPal account provides customers an easy option to purchase goods without having to leave the comfort of their own home.


Amazon has arguably become the fastest growing corporation that has come along in many years. You practically can buy anything on Amazon! These things include books, laptops, smartphones, clothing, and they now even distribute cars.They also allow employees to use their own vehicles to deliver their product to ensure fast pace delivery. The company has grown so much it's forcing competitors to either have beat them or join the winning team.


In 2005, YouTube changed the world of video streaming.

Local musicians became overnight sensations. The success for companies became less difficult with the ability to promote something that could instantly receive millions of views. Today, YouTube continues to be a dominant force in the world of social networking.


Google is by far the leading search engine in the world and it's been that way for a while.

Type in anything in a google search bar, and you'll most like find all the answers you were looking for. Google's fast search efficiency makes their app undeniable for everyday use. The need for immediate information is key for survival today. With Google providing this well-constructed tool, the world will never have a reason to not know the answer to any questions regarding life.

Now that's powerful!


Staying connected in today's world is very important. Whether it's with family or friends, Facebook gives us that lifetime opportunity to never lose touch. When the company first began, that was not their initial intent. It was developed so students could collaborate, but I grew into a massive site very fast.. Over the years, Facebook has been the leading tool, along with Twitter, to verbally express thoughts and promote none other than yourself. Facebook has graduated to the app that enhances self-branding worldwide.

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