Amazon announced that it was launching a learning hub for aspiring Amazon Web Services (Aws) architects. Last year, Amazon’s cloud infrastructure service was ranked as first in class, with Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform right behind, according to the Magic Quadrant report issues by Gartner. The new training and certification portal will allow for enrollment and exam registration, making it easier for AWS architects to advance.

Accessing the portal

The launch of the new training and certification portal is Amazon’s move to make sure that there will not be a shortage of talent in its cloud computing operations.

Among IT professionals, many believe that AWS certification training will greatly improve a job seeker’s career prospects. Some AWS certifications are even said to require extra degrees of effort and know-how to pass. To access the new portal, you can easily create a new account or just log in with your current/existing Amazon account. If you already have an AWS Training account, you will be able to migrate to the new platform all of your existing training history.

According to an analysis published on Thursday by LinkedIn, Amazon is the second most desirable place in the world to work at today. The company took home 3 Academy Awards for its historic achievement in the streaming industry, grew its Prime services by tens of millions of new subscribers, and became the first to deliver packages via drones—all within a year.

The company is said to also have a dog-friendly environment, complete with a dog park and free treats. As cloud services continue to be in demand, Amazon is sure to be adding new jobs over the next year or so.

Luring Java developers

The godfather of Java, James Gosling, has become the most recent computer science big-leaguer to join the company’s roster of employees.

This move is seen by many as Amazon’s way of luring Java programmers into Amazon. Gosling announced that he was leaving Boeing Defense and joining Amazon Web Services on May 22, and updated the title of his LinkedIn profile to “distinguished engineer." AWS previously introduced an SDK for easier access from Java, welcoming Java developers and offering ways to run Java applications on its cloud. According to Venture Beat, Gosling will be joining a dream team of other tech personalities, including Adrian Cockroft, Swami Sivasubramanian, and Werner Vogels.