Since "StarCraft" has been remastered, with the original version now free, it's time to give any new players a pointer or two on how to dominate the opposition quickly. The Zerg is the most notorious race for pulling this off, being the only one which can spawn several units at once from the structure you start with. Some players are known to win a one-on-one skirmish in less than 10 minutes, and the following is a few hints on how it's done.

The key to the "rush" tactic is to get your production going within seconds and keep an eye on your numbers.

Don't waste any time, since most advanced players will know the precise timing to make even a Protoss army formidable enough to fend off a wave of Zerglings.

Streamline your production to reduce time

Unless you've discovered within a few minutes that the opponent is better than you are, avoid building any unnecessary structures. Send your first drones directly at the minerals and push to get at least 10 going at once for a steady supply. Do not build the Extractor unless your initial attack backfires. Instead, after you get at least 10 drones on minerals, get a Spawning Pool up as soon as possible. This enables you to create Zerglings, which are basically the cannon fodder of the Zerg race.

Two Zerglings will be spawned per larva, so they can easily be spammed.

Select your hive and create a waypoint wherever the most likely attack point will likely be, in case the opponent somehow attacks first. Get a steady production of Zerglings going for the best effect.

The video below, though recorded from "StarCraft II," can be an effective guide.

The initial attack should start early

As soon as you have two Zerglings, send them where you think the opponent's base is.

If there is no opposition to this, that's a good sign. Continue to send Zerglings constantly, destroying them before they have a chance to build defenses. If they start using worker units to attack you, they're probably already on the verge of being destroyed, and it's a sign that they're seasoned, but not prepared for an early invasion.

This likely won't work against seasoned players or computer AI, who will fend off whatever you throw at them. Remember that split seconds count, and any delay at all will give the opponent an edge. The computer AI will cheat, so be prepared for that if you're doing a custom single-player match.

If the initial attack fails, get ready to use more than Zerglings

Most advanced players will be ready for an early attack, so if the first attack fails you should start getting drones on an Extractor and build more advanced units like the Hydralisk. While doing this, continually send Zerglings to attack the enemy's support structures, such as Protoss Pylons or Terran Supply Depots. also be aware that advanced players will use support structures like a wall to keep you out.

Good luck: If your opponent is good, you'll need it.