New reports have now revealed that the digital music streaming service, Spotify, may be planning to build several dedicated hardware accessories that will directly tie-in to its apps.

A recently spotted job listing posted by the company for a "Senior Product Manager for Hardware" seemingly confirms this to be the case, which means that users may soon be able to purchase several Spotify-branded devices made specifically for the company's music-streaming service.

Headhunting for a new project

The recently spotted job listing specifically mentions several key roles for the would be "Product Manager" for hardware.

One role specifies a candidate should be able to deliver different new hardware to existing and new customers, which apparently includes devices similar to the " Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, and Snap Spectacles."

Spotify's efforts in building its software

As of the moment, Spotify has already released several custom-built apps for different wearable devices. This includes the Spotify app integration with Samsung's latest Gear S3 smartwatch. The company has unveiled its plans to allow users to store music and play them back offline on the devices. However, the company's updated app for Google's Android Wear platform has yet to arrive.

Additionally, the company had also been playing around with local storage and offline playback features with the recently sold company, Pebble, before it was bought by Fitbit.

Spotify initially wanted to launch a device called the Pebble Core, which would have allowed local streaming specifically designed for workouts. Spotify also recently teased its idea for a workout headphone accessory, which would be able to track a person's heart rate and play the appropriate music to sync with it accordingly.

Building their own hardware

With Spotify's deep experience in building its software around third-party devices, it would only make sense for the company to eventually consider creating their own hardware. The company's numerous planned features could very well end up in these devices, which might include a smartwatch, a headphone, and a smart speaker.

The latter is a function that Spotify already excels at on different speakers such as the Google Home and the Amazon Echo.

Spotify spectacles?

The biggest question that has confused those who first spotted the listing is how exactly Spotify plans to integrate its streaming service with devices similar to Snap Spectacles. The company's plans are still pretty much unclear, but some reports have speculated that the spectacles could simply be wearable remotes integrated into some form of eyewear. How that will work exactly is still anyone's guess.