Samsung latest flagship smartphones, the samsung galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, are now available worldwide. However, the phones were actually launched ahead of time in the company's home country, South Korea. Shortly after its release, several users who had received the early units started to report some red tinting issues with their phone's display.

New issues brings back old fears

A lot of users who received the allegedly defective devices were understandably concerned about the Issue as Samsung is currently a company that is still reeling in from a lot of controversies.

The South Korean tech firm is, of course, still under the microscope following the entire exploding battery issue on its ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet. This means that any other issues with their new devices will likely deal an even bigger blow to the company's already suffering reputation.

The red-tinting problem

According to some South Korean users, the displays on their phones are apparently shifted more towards the red color in the spectrum. A number of users who were experiencing the issue even posted their devices on Instagram and other social media sites. While the issue provided a minor inconvenience for some users, others were more concerned that it could be the initial signs of an even bigger problem.

Some reports had speculated that the problem might be caused by a GPU malfunction, while other predicted that the AMOLED display might be to blame. Samsung has indeed shifted to a deep-red AMOLED technology for the S8 after it had received complaints of blue-leaning screens in the past.

Samsung clears the air

Earlier in the week, Samsung officially released a statement to clarify the entire issue and to assure users that there in physically nothing wrong with their devices.

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The company stated that the red tinting problem on its Galaxy S8 devices is not caused by any hardware quality issue, but is instead caused by a software glitch. Samsung then promised to released a Software Update to fix the issue for all affected devices immediately.

Temporary quick fixes

Before the announcement of the update, Samsung previously released a quick fix guide for users who were experiencing the red-tint problem.

Users that had a red display were advised to go into the color optimization settings on their devices and adjust the colors from there. Users who are unsuccessful in solving their screen's color issue through this method will likely just have to wait until Samsung releases the next update.