The "Friday the 13th: The Game" release date is about to strike. In May 2017, you will finally be able to either stalk counselors at Camp Crystal Lake or play as one and try to escape Jason Voorhees in the first officially licensed game in years. Yes, there was one on the NES decades ago, but it was one of the worst games ever made for the console, and a shining example of how not to make a video game based on a movie franchise.

Meeting Jason as any one of the counselors usually meant an almost instant death, even if you tried to fight him, in the NES original.

The objective was to rescue all of the children from various cabins around the resort, but it didn't work so well due to the maze-lake environment and no sense of direction given to the pathways.

What's different in the 2017 release?

The upcoming game is not a remake as much as a project funded by the fans and created by the very people who made the original movies. Even Kane Hodder, the original Jason Voorhees, has lent his likeness and mannerisms via motion capture to bring Jason to horrifying life for Gun Media.

The counselors are your usual stereotypical mix of horror film fodder, but you get to play as them if you want. There is nothing quite as terrifying as coming face to face with Jason in the virtual flesh, and this game aims to bring that feeling to high-definition life.

If you can't get away from him, you'll witness your own brutal murder, including some taken straight from the films. You'll also get to customize your character, even Jason himself, in whatever way you want, though it's doubtful you'll get the "Saints Row IV" level of insanity available.

The game will try hard to keep the original horror mood

From the crunching of leaves underfoot to the near-blinding darkness permeating Camp Crystal Lake at night, you will be facing your fears of being attacked at any moment. As Jason, you will be able to sense sounds such as footfalls, and possibly heartbeats, even tracking your prey by listening for panicked breathing in possibly empty rooms.

You will be able to use weapons intelligently, like throwing knives, swinging bats, and even jamming long bars through your victim's skull as shown in the video above. You will have the option of standing on their backs while their heads roast alive in the fireplace. As a counselor, the environment is your friend as well as your enemy.

Are you excited to finally play a "Friday the 13th" game made by the people behind the movies, on May 26, 2017?