The game developer EA DICE is quite notorious for adding seemingly random Easter eggs within their popular "Battlefield" first-person shooter series of games. The latest title in the franchise, "Battlefield 1," seems to be no different, as players have finally found the massive Megalodon that everyone has been looking for. This time around, the legendary shark wasn't located out at sea but inside a puddle of blood. Go figure.

An Easter Egg hunt

Several vague clues were first uncovered within the game's first major downloadable content (DLC) expansion, "They Shall Not Pass." The DLC was released back on March 14 and it took quite a while for some very dedicated players to decipher the clues.

The riddle that led to the discovery of the extinct king of the deep was found within some recorded music on the map "Fort de Vaux."

An arduously long process

After all the vinyl records on the map were collected and played through a gramophone, players were then greeted with an odd song. After running the song's notes through a French musical cryptogram, a team of Easter Egg hunters was finally able to discover the hidden message.

The message that was discovered spoke of a place where men who had lived in the area had rested. There, players will find a hidden secret that will apparently have no reward and only death. Members of the Easter Egg community meticulously scoured the different areas. They eventually found several valves hidden under the terrain. After blowing up the debris and turning on the valves, a puddle of blood near the capture zone appeared.

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After tossing a grenade into the puddle, and killing players within it, a Megalodon finally jumped out.

Is there really a point

Aside from providing a cool spectacle, the appearance of the shark in "Battlefield 1" probably serves no other purpose. However, there has been speculation that EA DICE may have something in store for players down the road. The first "Battlefield 1" Easter Egg seems to point to this being a possibility, as it teased of a new "Beginning." After an equally arduous problem-solving process involving morse code and hidden symbols, players were able to discover a secret dog tag that spoke of a yet to be unveiled new mystery.

At the moment, some of the gaming community who were involved in the second Megalodon find don't really think that the shark was part of the mystery they were trying to solve. They argue that the shark may have been triggered by accident, and that there may still be something else to discover if they keep looking.