A group exorcism is in the works for the AT&T Long Lines Building in Tribeca that The Intercept reported in 2016 to be a possible place for NSA surveillance operation Titanpointe. The building is located at 33 Thomas Street, where the NSA had control over several floors. This Saturday, April 15, at 12 pm, just three days before tax day, a group of artists and activists, along with a volunteer choir affiliated with The Quiet American will attempt to exorcise “the malevolent energy and information” flowing from the AT&T building in New York City.

Exorcism at the monolith

According to the editors of The Quiet American, who are organizing the exorcism, this event was inspired by the 1967 attempted, but unsuccessful, levitation of the Pentagon, attended by Abbie Hoffman, Allen Ginsberg, and other freaks of the East Village. A poster and a press release have been issued online to inform the public of the “mass exorcism ritual” aimed at purifying data, rejecting “false gods”, and defending the freedom of thought. The ritual will start with a prayer for the physical building, an invocation of the gods and the laying down a “perimeter of salt” around the building.

Noah Harley, a Quiet American editor, translator and musician, said that the building just needed to be exorcised.

It’s got no windows and just sucks up information. “It’s this black hole vortex that all light disappears into,” Noah said. It was begging for some sort of energetic realignment. The people attempting the exorcism have no background in performing similar activities before and they are not doing this in an ironic way, although there will be tinfoil hats and other headgear used to protect the group.

There are going to be a group of "core exorcisers" and a series of group chants for people to participate in.

Titanpointe at Project X

According to The Intercept’s report, the monolith was designed by John Carl Warnecke & Associates, who wanted to create a communication nerve center like the 20th-century fortress. The building has 29 floors with three basement levels and food stocked for 1,500 people for two weeks.

Its construction project started in 1969 and lasted until 1974. The building was one of the most important NSA surveillance sites used for covert monitoring, tapping into phone calls, faxes, and internet data. The code name Titanpointe was used to refer to the surveillance operations.