For the past few years, Samsung has been moving progressively into making some of the most amazing phones on the market. Since the debut of the Samsung Galaxy series, the Korean giant has been making a lot of strides in the establishment of very innovative smartphones. The amazing change was noticed after the first amazing Samsung Galaxy 6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge and they later came up with the innovative Galaxy S7 Edge. However, after working for some time, the Korean giants have now come up with the #Samsung Galaxy X top notch phone that has a foldable display with a mechanical hinge in the middle.

Samsung Galaxy X features and specs

The phone is going to be one of the most revolutionary phones in the world slated for launch this year. Overall, and over the last handful of years, Samsung has been releasing very good smartphones, but as the years are going by, it would be only prudent for Samsung to come up with something that is very innovative in the market. According to information from different sources, this is going to be one of the best and most innovative phones that the company has ever released, and, if true, it certainly has the potential to increase the company’s sales, and in turn, increase revenue share.

The smartphone is going to come with an AMOLED 4K display. It also has functionality that makes it possible to be folded somehow like a wallet.

Other reports also indicate that the phone will be a 5 inch to 7 inch tablet-like phone. The fact that it can be folded makes it easier to carry around with so much ease. The Samsung Galaxy X will have an internal storage capacity of around 128GB and a 6GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy X release date and price

It is also worth noting that in the 2017 the company is going to release some other smartphones other than the X phone; the Samsung Galaxy S8 will also be released this year. Nothing is known as at now about the price of the phone, though most people are expecting it to be expensive, putting the phone ahead in the market.

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