Trackingmore is bringing parcel tracking to the next level. With the ability to track packages globally and work with shipping companies around the world, Trackingmore provides everything that other postal tracking companies offer, and more. With the rise of technology, people have become used to information constantly being at our fingertips. Mail is no exception, as evidenced by the number of parcel tracking services available, either from companies themselves or from third-party services. It used to be that there was no information on a package’s status from the time it was sent until it was received.

With the scanning technology that’s available and the widespread adoption of tracking numbers, the sender and the recipient can both know exactly when packages will be delivered and where they are at any given time before then.

Trackingmore versus other options

Trackingmore has supported the most member countries and territories of the Universal Postal Union. As well, they work with a number of international express companies. UPS recently announced a dashboard program for customers who ship items on container ships. It serves as an addition to the Company’s already existing Flex Global View, which was originally geared toward air freight customers. Since the launch of the new program, UPS freight forwarding customers can access the ocean container’s dashboard as well as view UPS invoices associated with air and ocean shipments in and out of the US and Canada.

Trackingmore has all of the functions of the UPS system, but allows customers to track packages on over 380 different parcel services around the globe.

Trackingmore provides more information in real time

Numbers synchronized to the user’s Trackingmore account are automatically matched with the correct courier and tracked by the system.

For example, a China Post tracking number can be put into the system to receive information, and they will also get SMS and email updates from Trackingmore with information from China Post. Users can filter numbers by couriers, shipping statuses, add time and do analytics to know the delivery performance, as needed. Users can also set up a branded tracking page using the information supplied by the service.

Users can also choose to display tracking results on their own page.

Information comes in the form of 5 different options, from pre-shipping scans to delivery attempts, and is updated in real time. Information is also translated as part of the service.

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