Google’s widely popular email service, Gmail allows large attachments to be sent and received now. Till date, it has been criticized for only being able to handle attachments with the size of 25MB, but fear no more; you can now ‘send’ attachments up to 50MB through Gmail. There’s a catch, though. You can’t really send emails with this type of size, but you can receive them, but you have to have the attachment sent by a provider that can handle larger attachments like that.

Is 50MB too much for an attachment?

Is this a good thing, though? Some would say yes since you can now send your friends every single photo from your fun night out, but there are some downsides as well.

There are plenty of hoops to jump through for this new update, but Google has said that if you need to send an attachment of this size just to use Google Drive.

The update and concerns

The update was made on Rapid release and Scheduled release tracks, Googles service where you can see updates when they are available or once a week. Google also says that it will be available to use in G Suite editions also. The company has been pushing for the release of the app recently, but it will most likely take a few days for it to be up and running so everyone can use it.

People are hoping that this new update means that Google will allow the attachment size to go up. Most of us don’t even want it to go up to 50MB for plenty of reasons besides the fact that they too time-consuming.

One reason is that emails, in general, are very insecure. Anyone can get into them if your password is easy to guess, and hackers are finding ways of hacking into your emails through links or attachments. Another reason is that large files can backup servers and can delay delivery.

The alternate

Google suggests an alternative method.

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Instead of using email to send these large attachments, one can also use Google Drive since its much safer.

Despite the fact that the thought of getting a 50MB attachment in an email makes you cringe, you’ll be happy to know that you can now actually get these without them bouncing. Remember, you cannot send attachments up to 50MB in Gmail, but you can receive emails from any email provider that can handle large attachments.