Businesses now more than ever before are employing people all over the world. These businesses need a way to connect and communicate clearly. Phone conferences are a thing of the past now video conferences are the common way to get people on the same page and communicating well. There are many platforms for video-conferences but not all are geared towards business professionals. Google believes they have the answer for businesses looking to communicate more clearly with their employees.

Video conference

Video conferences are not a new invention by Google. In fact sites like skype, and others have been delivering video conference options to many businesses and professionals for quite a while. The odd thing about Google launching this new Meet service is that it already had Google Hangouts that was a video conferencing service, though it was designed for a more social aspect and not for businesses.

Meet may seem it is a copy of many services already advertised but it has more than meets the eye.

Meet has both video and chat capabilities. Perhaps the most exciting and different thing about meet is that 30 people can be in Meet at the same time and even join in from their smartphone while on the go. These features are extremely important for a variety of businesses that have conferencing needs.

Security for businesses

Security in businesses and any professional or even personal setting is exceptionally important.

Proper security is one of the things some services such as Skype are supposedly lacking which means Google Meet could potentially take over this important market for businesses. One of the greatest security features Meet created is the ability to create a code to enter in order to enter the conference. These codes will make Meet a far more preferable video conferencing location for a variety of businesses.

The addition the code will make these types of meeting far more capable of reasonable confidentiality expectations, as well as reducing the risk of the wrong people joining the meetings. Meet also has many more luxury options for businesses that high tech companies will prefer like HD video calling.

Any serious business or even professional knows the importance of confidentiality regarding business matters. With Meet taking the steps to ensure not only advanced security but also ease of use and access Meet, once it is officially launched.

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