When we think about engineering, the last thing that comes to mind is virtual reality (VR). The 21st century is becoming a technological era, and one of the new advancements is art infused with virtual reality. In the tech boom city of San Francisco on February 18th an event called the ArtandVR: A Futurist Festival will display a psychedelic art in a variety of multi-media with visionary speakers to entertain people that visit the festival. According to news sources, the art will be in an old church that is 100 years old bought by an investor in Silicon Valley, and people can expect to experience motion design art displays.

Virtual reality influencing art

While this festival is innovative, not everyone will be able to book a flight to see it, but there are online platforms such as Influence.co that offer a place for social influencers to post their artwork for a chance to be discovered. Artists now have a chance to express themselves on a higher level if their work is displayed in these museums.

In a recent article in the New York Times, “a new generation of artists is beginning to produce virtual reality artworks – some for display in galleries, others freely accessible online – that plunge viewers into fully accelerated space.”

Museums across the world are beginning to catch onto the trending technology. There are now virtual reality apps that allow art lovers to see a 360 view of an art gallery without having to be there physically.

One example is the Smithsonian American Art Museum Renwick Gallery in Washington DC. A video spans different rooms in the museum, and at the touch of a button, virtual reality art will display.

What to expect this year

In the 1990s there was a boom of net art that promised to advance the way that we look at art through technology.

However, what we are noticing now around the world is at a higher level. More recently in Macy’s at The Shops at Clearfork in Texas have memory mirrors where customers can have a makeover by taking a picture of themselves with a before and after the appearance of how they can look if a makeup artist helps them. There are paintings of local artists in the mall of abstract paintings that are added to the walls for a more modern touch to their stores.