The media outlet Fortune has given a little bit of incite as to why people cannot seem to stop talking about the Apple iPhone on Twitter. Truthfully, it isn’t really for just one reason as the technology company has had a pretty big week. For starters, the company has been a part of several smartphone and tablet rumors and it even found itself in a pretty heated debate with the Trump administration too. What all has Apple been up to and why is the company and their iPhone trending on Twitter? Keep reading to find out.

On iPads and iPhones

For starters, the company is planning a pretty large iPad event next month.

Rumor has it the company is planning to unveil four new iPads during the event. Rumor also has it that the technology company is planning on releasing a new iPhone with a lot of new improvements later this year. Some of these improves will include better screen resolutions – with the possibility of a curved screen – an all-glass design, and so much more.

Apple recently became the owners of a domain named called with the sole plans of taking the website down so they did not confuse their customers who were looking to sync to their cloud services. This domain name they recently acquired was a social network which, for obvious reason, was leaving a lot of their customers pretty confused.

On battling the European Union

Apple is currently going to war with the European Union over claims that the company is benefiting from illegal assistance from the state. The EU claims the company illegally received just shy of $14 billion via state aid. Apple and the EU are set to go to court this summer to battle this heated debate out.

On the Apple Campus

Apple has also confirmed that the Apple Campus 2 finally has a name. In April, the company plans on opening what they’ve decided to name Apple Park up to their employees. The company has also confirmed that Tim Cook and his entire staff will be moving into the campus once it has been opened.

While there is no denying Apple, the iPhone, and even the iPad are getting a lot of attention on social media right now, it is not really for one reason in particular. The company just has had such a busy week that people can’t stop talking about them.