Nintendo has found a lot of success in the mobile space with the likes of Super Mario Run and Pokémon GO. Both games are designed for short bursts of fun, and both can be played on Apple’s iOS devices.

With the success of these games, Nintendo is looking to release multiple mobile games for iOS every year. The idea as of now is to release two to three games on a yearly basis. However, the Japanese company did not reveal which games will be released this year. Still, we do know that Fire Emblem: Heroes and Animal Crossing are in the works and set for a mobile release.

Both titles could represent Nintendo’s mobile plans for 2017, though we must not forget the plan to release Super Mario Run for Android devices in 2017, which could be the third title.

We understand the company has no plans to focus much on the mobile landscape because it doesn’t want those games to eat into sales from its proprietary platform. When compared to the likes of Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo relies on the sale of its video game devices and its first party titles to turn a profit.

Nintendo Focusing On The Switch

At the moment, Nintendo is putting all of its efforts in making sure the Switch is a success when it hits the marketplace in March of this year. The new console is the successor to the Wii U, and possibly the 3DS, considering its status as both a traditional console and a handheld in a single device.

The new console could be a huge success due to its multipurpose nature. Furthermore, it would seem as if developers are ready to put their weight behind Nintendo this time around when compared to the Wii U when they were almost non-existent.

There are around 70 first-party and third-party developers working on 100 titles for the Switch.

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This number is expected to rise after the Switch is released, and especially if it turns out to be a huge success.

With titles such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, Minecraft, and Super Mario Odyssey launching for the Switch this year, Nintendo could have a huge hit on its hands. If the company manages to bring a new Pokémon game to the table, then success is almost a given.